Friday, 12 July 2013

New podcast - Austerity Audio vol. 5

What could be better on this glorious sunny afternoon than some free new music to brighten up your aural cavities? Yes, it's that time again, welcome to the fifth instalment of my free downloadable podcasts.

As has become the norm, there's 10 tracks of new music from a diverse range of genres, each one legally culled from the Internet over the past week or two. Left click on the picture above to listen, or right click to download the set. If you find something that you really like then please buy a track or two from that artist if you can, and then they'll be able to afford to carry on making beautiful music for us. Here's the tracklisting:

  1. Long Arm - Blue Birds Red Flowers (A.B.S.T.R.A. Remix)
  2. Joey Bada$$ - Sorry Bonita
  3. The B C Band - Railway Rhythmn
  4. Run The Jewels - Banana Clipper (feat. Big Boi)
  5. Bendik - Forsvinne (Ole Torjus remix)
  6. Vondelpark - Always Forever (Tuesday Born remix)
  7. Adam Stafford - Ghostly Arms
  8. Hookworms - Away Towards
  9. Scott and Charlene's Wedding - Lesbian Wife
  10. Jack Hayter - Quotes

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