Thursday, 2 May 2013

Recommended music: 'Second Amendment EP' by Pinkunoizu

Danish band Pinkunoizu are one of the most creative and original bands to have emerged in the past couple of years. Following their own path of lo-fi psychedelia while tipping their collective hats towards Eastern influences, their 'Peep EP' and 'Free Time!' albums have frequently graced my turntable. Now their back with an EP which frankly shames many a band's album efforts. 32 minutes, 5 songs, and each one a mini-epic.

The EP starts magnificently with 'The Abyss Part II', the sister track to a song from their debut album, which shares that song's great guitar ending. 'Moped', up next, is a bit like Japanees Krautrock (Japrock?) with some suitably scary shouting.

'I Chi' calms the mood down and is probably the most conventional track on the EP - it's a short and sweet centrepiece that anchors the other songs in reality. The 'Gospel of John' steps up the psych factor again - it's a long, throbbing brooding piece over which layers of sung and sampled vocals are loving piled. The wonders end with 'Tin Can Valley', which is a 60s surf-guitar track sent via the Middle East to rock your world. You can download this last one for free here.

'Second Amendment' is out on May 6th on Full Time Hobby - buy it then, but listen to it now here:

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