Friday, 11 May 2012

Live: in pictures and videos - Milagres / Vadoinmessico / Peter and Kerry at Camden Barfly, London 9/5/12

Wednesday night saw another of the regular XFM Xposure nights at the Barfly, introduced by John Kennedy.
Peter and Kerry
First up were the lovely Peter and Kerry, who I last saw at Tom Ravenscroft's Christmas shindig in December. They've got some new songs ready for their forthcoming debut album, which seem to be a bit more poppy and a bit less introspective than the ones on their first EP. You can watch the last of the new track, 'Cirque', below.

Next on were the almost unpronounceable and even more unspellable Vadoinmessico. They played tracks from their new album 'Archaeology of the Future', songs which have a strong world music influence. Highlight of the band was probably the drummer, who was the most brilliantly energetic sticksman I've seen for a long time.
Headliners Milagres hail from Brooklyn (I think I've seen more Brooklyn acts this year than London ones, they all seem to be over here!). They played a really powerful set with more than a hint of The Antlers about them. I really like the album 'Glowing Mouth', and the songs come across really well live - with the right exposure they could get bigger and bigger this year. You can watch the band perform 'Halfway' below (the sound's a bit distorted but it gives you an idea of what they're like live).

After the gig Milagres headed downstairs for what was apparently their first ever dj set - sadly I had to head back up Chalk Farm Road in the rain to catch a train and so I missed out on the extravaganza!

Milagres on stage

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