Saturday, 2 July 2011

Recommended music: 'Rainforest EP' by Clams Casino

More good and innovative music from the Tri Angle record label. This EP is the work of Mike Volpe a.k.a Clams Casino, who has recently come to prominence as the beat creator and producer du jour for rappers like Lil' B and Soulja Boy. This is his first shot at making music entirely for himself, and it's pretty successful.

The five tracks here, although quite disparate, hang together neatly under the Rainforest theme, with the titles and the atmospheric sounds (jungle noises, birds, water etc.) joining them up and creating a flow through the piece. Instrumental apart from haunting snatches of sampled vocals, there is something hypnotic about these tracks - they drag you under the water, although you can always just see the surface above you.

Some people are calling this 'instrumental hip-hop' - personally I'm not sure that such a thing could exist, and if it does then this isn't it. What it is, however, is melodic, intense, strangely beautiful and moving, and possibly one of the most original things you'll hear all year. Take a trip to the Rainforest and you won't want to leave.

You can listen to 'Gorilla' from the EP here:

Clams Casino - Gorilla by TriAngleRecords


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