Friday, 15 July 2011

Recommended music: 'Anytime Will Do' EP by Valentin Stip

Valentin Stip is the latest signing to Nicolas Jaar's Clown and Sunset label (Btw, if you haven't got 'Space Is Only Noise', the album that Jaar himself put out earlier this year, you really should check it out). Still only 19, Stip was born in France, grew up with a classical piano training in New York, and then moved to Montreal in 2009. This is his first release, and was put together at the same time he was finishing his college studies. 

Considering there are only 4 tracks on here (although it runs to 27 minutes) the breadth and quality of the work is staggering. 'Gravels (I & II)' alone contains more ideas and innovation than a lot of acts manage in a whole album. The title track is percussive, then glitchy, throws in a super-deep bass and finishes like a trip-hop track. 'Esquis(e)' could fit into the 'witch house' tag , while closer 'Le Dormeur' is hypnotic and mellow, and would work really well with Tricky rhyming over the top of it.

Speaking about the exploratory nature of his music, Valentin has said that '...through the music, I'm looking for the soul'. Listening to the great music he's already produced I think he's well on the way to finding it.

You can listen to the whole EP below.

CS006 Valentin Stip - Anytime Will Do EP by Clown and Sunset

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  1. please don't compare the shitty hipster bullshit that is witch house to this young prodigy.. Equis(e) is a lot more than that.