Saturday, 2 July 2011

Recommended music: 'Kid Velo' by Rival Consoles

OK, so I've blogged about this before, but after weeks of streaming the album one track at a time you can now get your hands on the whole thing, and it's a corker. Like Daft Punk soundtracking an Atari game from the 80's, this is definitely not a laid-back piece of electronica. It's fun, frisky and full of beans.

As well as Daft Punk (especially on opener 'Kid Velo') there are hints of Kraftwerk (on S.P.K.R.S), and other French influences like Justice, Mr. Oizo and even Jean-Michel Jarre - not bad for a boy from Leicester.

'Guitari' gets funky and is probably the most human-sounding track on the album ('Human After All', perhaps?), but the whole record has a warmth to it that is often sadly lacking from electronic dance music.

Ryan West (the man behind the moniker) has described his music as 'appearing commercial yet typically against commercial music at the same time' which, frankly, is toss. The music, however, is the opposite of toss - there are at least four or five huge tunes on here that could be massive commercial and/or club successes this year. He should embrace the commercialness of these and rinse them for all they are worth - there are no prizes for hiding your light under a bushel these days.

The electronic album of the summer by miles - get on your bike (get it?), get down to the shops and get it today. In the meantime you can listen to the whole album below.

Rival Consoles – Kid Velo by erasedtapes

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