Sunday, 24 April 2011

Recommended music: 'XI Versions of Black Noise' by Pantha du Prince

If you've looked through my blog you'll know that the original version of 'Black Noise' was one of my favourite electronic albums of last year. So I was eagerly awaiting these remix versions, and I've not been disappointed.

Although there were 11 tracks on the original, '11 versions...' only contains mixes of 5 of them, but they're sufficiently varied for that not to matter. The three versions of 'Welt Am Draht' range from a dark, Underworld type throb through a strange horn-parping version to Animal Collective's mix with tribal drums and new vocals, which you can listen to here:
Welt Am Draht (Animal Collective Remix) by Pantha du Prince

Meanwhile 'Stick To My Side', which originally featured Animal Collective's Panda Bear on vocals, is treated to no less than five mixes. These vary in pace and texture so much that you could actually be listening to 5 completely different tracks, the pick of the versions being the gentle, bell-chiming version by Walls, and Four Tet's upbeat mix in his usual style - you can hear this one below:
Stick To My Side (Four Tet Version) by Pantha du Prince

The other three tracks to receive the remix treatment are 'A Nomad's Retreat', 'Satellite Sniper' and 'Lay In Shimmer'. The album works perfectly as a companion piece to the original, but is also good enough to enchant anyone who's not familiar with the source material

The vinyl version only contains 5 tracks (it's called 'V Versions of Black Noise'), but it comes with a download coupon for all 11 anyway so it's worth getting, as usual my copy came from Rough Trade East .

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