Thursday, 14 April 2011

Recommended music: 'Holy Ghost!' by Holy Ghost!

Probably the most unashamedly pop record that DFA records have ever released, this debut release from New York's Holy Ghost! (one of the most difficult bands on the planet to Google successfully) sound like Hot Chip would do if they were formed in the '80s in the USA. While it's fair to say that there's no great depths to the lyrics, the style and quality of the songs shine through.

First track 'Do It Again' is one of the album's highlights, with its James Murphy-alike vocal refrain and insistent rhythmn, and next up 'Wait and See' is almost as good. 'Hold My Breath' has a keyboard riff that keeps threatening to turn into the hook from MGMT's 'Kids', and then 'Say My Name' hits you with a funky keyboard bass the likes of which I haven't heard since I last stood in front of a Yamaha DX-7.

Track 5 is 'Jam For Jerry', and just makes me want to know who Jerry is and why he deserves a track, but 'Hold On' is much better, with a throbbing bassline and a great tune, this is one of the edgier tracks on the album. The (holy) ghost of New Order rears its head on 'It's Not Over', even down to the use of a Bernard Sumner lyric 'It's a problem of mine' (from Bizarre Love Triangle). 'Slow Motion' glides past easily before 'Static On The Wire' gives a Human League vibe a funk makeover with great results. Then the big guns are wheeled out as the legendary Michael McDonald makes an appearance on closer 'Some Children'.

Maybe not life-changing, but certainly life-affirming.

You can download 'Wait and See' below.
Holy Ghost! - Wait & See by DFA Records

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