Friday, 6 January 2017

Recommended music: 'Says Hi' EP by sir Was

With his full length album debut due in a couple of months this is a good time for you to get to know the lush eccentricity of sir Was. Swedish multi-instrumentalist Joel Wastberg is the man behind the name - he's worked with the likes of Jose Gonzales in the past but has now found the courage to strike out on his own.

This introductory EP dropped last year and serves as an open door into his world. From the snatched of Gaelic fiddle at the start of 'A Minor Life' you're immediately taken into an indefinable genre. 'Falcon' is even better - beat driven, with spoken and sung vocals a bit like early Beck. Other things this EP reminds me of include Money Mark, Larry Gus, old trip-hop records, Ibizan sunsets and Scandinavian fjords. I can't wait for 'Digging A Tunnel' to escape in March, but in the meantime I'll have this on repeat.

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