Friday, 27 January 2017

Recommended music: 'Occult Architecture Vol. 1' by Moon Duo

2017 will see the release of Moon Duo's fourth album 'Occult Architecture', split across two volumes, the first of which is out on February 3rd. Celebration the hidden patterns and connections embedded into life, having two separate volumes signifies the light/dark, day/night and yin/yang of everything.

So what do we get on Volume 1? You may already have heard the driving, pounding riffs on lead single 'Cold Fear', a track that gnaws at your bones like some psychedlic horror-trip soundtrack.

This album spreads its wings wider than that. There's the fast-paced, electro-riffing of 'Cross-Town Fade' which reminds me A LOT of 'Love Missile F1-11' by Sigue Sigue Sputnik - the video for that is below in case you've never heard it.

'Cult of Moloch' is a glam-rock stomp through child sacrifice, while 'Will of the Devil' is a much more open and straightforward 80s type of track. Closer 'White Rose' is the album's epic Krautrock moment, complete with motorik drum beat and phased guitars, and gives you a full ten and a half minutes to lose yourself in an alternative musicverse.

It will be interesting to see how 'Volume 2' differs when it's released later in the year, but for now this is a suitably dark and wintry half of the story.

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