Monday, 17 August 2015

New band of the Day: Bones & Beeker

Bones & Beeker (Wax Poetics Records). Photo by Jules Ameel.
(Photo: Jules Ameel)
Freshly signed to the Brooklyn-based Wax Poetics Records, Minneaoplis duo Bones & Beeker make hip-hop and soul infused songs that at times seem to have come from a different time or a different planet (or maybe both). Anthony Newes and Brendan Kelly (aka BK-One) are both multi-instrumentalists who've worked cross-genre and seem to be able to turn their hand to just about anything. Joined by stalwart Minneaoplis bassist Chris Bierden, probably best known for his role in Polica, and guitarist Nate Collis, the music they've given birth to almost defies classification. Take 'Lupine', the first track they put out - a slinky bassline melds with a hip-hop beat, congas and even a whistling refrain to slowly weave in and out of your ears.

Meanwhile 'Each Time I Die' has a darkly electronic undercurrent which is lifted by castanets, brass and a bank of multi-tracked vocals in a riot of colourful sound.

The album is due later in the year and personally I can't wait to hear it, especially if they take it on tour - imagine the vibe if they play this stuff live.

Watch this space for more news on the album nearer the time.

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