Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Track of the Day: 'Rain or Shine' by Young Fathers

Although it's not long since Young Fathers won the Mercury Music Prize for 'Dead', and the SAY Award for 'Tape Two' before that, news has just broken that their next album will be with us at the start of April. The title - 'White Men Are Black Men Too' - is sure to provoke some discussion (you can read their thoughts on it here) - and hopefully the music will too.

The first track to appear is 'Rain or Shine' and it's a typical melting pot of styles and sounds. Starting with sixties-style keyboard riff, more layers soon appear - droning bass, crackly drums, sung vocals, spoken vocals and a chorus that repeats and repeats to drill into your brain. After a few listens I reckon it's one of the best things they've ever done.

Have a listen below and then head over to their website here where they'll give you a free download in exchange for your email address.

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