Friday, 21 November 2014

Recommended music: 'Indigo Child' by Raury


If you've heard of Raury at all then it may well be from his stand out appearance on SNTRKT's 'Wonder Where We Land'. His vocals on 'Higher' really kick that album into orbit, and on this Indigo Child project he shows that he's got even more up his sleeve. The precociously and prodigiously talented teenager (he's only 18 FFS) has put together an abum/mixtape/whatever that you can download for free but which people really should be paying for, such is the brilliance of the songs on here. It's got the style, the ambition, and more importantly the quality of Frank Ocean's releases.

From the straight-up surefire pop hit of 'Superfly' (featuring the equally young and talented Vancouver Sleep Clinic) to the more complex tracks like the massive 'Seven Suns' he shows that he can pretty much own any type of song he takes on. I can't work out whether his use of 80s-style rock guitar on 'Armor' and 'Seven Suns' is supposed to be ironic or a loving tribute to that era of sound and production, but either way it's ablast of fresh air into what has sometimes become a depressingly formulaic genre.

Over the course of 13 tracks he sings, he raps, he struts, and he argues with his mom (although I reckon she comes out on top with her "I'm your fucken mom, I look out for things too" comment).

Have a listen below and then head to the Indigo Child project to find out more.

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