Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Track of the Day: 'Honey Cats' by Paul White

Regular readers will know that Paul White often makes an appearance in these pages, both for his own work and as a producer for the likes of Danny Brown and Homeboy Sandman. With a new album 'Shaker Notes' on the way on September 29th you might be expecting more of the same, maybe something frantic like 'Watch the Ants' or some lot-fi hip-hop with a new guest rapper. You might be expecting that, but you'd be wrong.

Out go the rappers, out go the majority of the samples, and we're left with something which as a result gives a much more personal take on what makes White tick. There's a swampy, murky, David Lynch-esque feel to the track, and as the sounds layer up - guitar, then crunchy percussion, and finally White's fragile voice - you're transported to some dark Delta waterfront where dodgy deals are done as ladies of the night linger in the lamplight. The saxophone that appears towards the end perfectly completes the moody atmosphere perfectly as the track slinks off into the night.

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