Monday, 19 August 2013

Recommended music: 'Drenge' by Drenge

The debut album from the Loveless brothers has finally arrived, and it's every bit as good as I was hoping for. Given that they're a two-piece drums and guitar outfit comparisons with The White Stripes are inevitable (although these two really are siblings), and the start of opener 'People In Love Make Me Feel Yuck' has more than a passing nod to Jack and Meg's sound. But overall there's more variation on here than you might be expecting - from blues to rock'n'roll, with occasional detours to metal and almost into shoegaze (Let's Pretend), not to mention the Status Quo intro of 'Gun Crazy' there's enough here to suggest Eoin and Rory could have a long career ahead of them as long as they don't go the way of rock's most famous brothers, the Gallaghers. And their cheeky appropriation of the blues classic 'I Just Want To Make Love To You' for break-up song 'I Don't Want To Make Love To You' shows them to be both witty and knowledgeable 

Producer Ross Orton has done a great job, particularly with the drum sound, and the whole thing feels vibrant, fresh and full of youth. The vocals are great too, melodic and rich with the right mixture of energy and insouciance.

I've written about Drenge a couple of times already this year, so check out 'Necromance Is Dead' here and 'Backwaters' here, and listen to 'Face Like A Skull' below. But most of all, buy the album. Buy it now. Yes, right now. Your music collection deserves it.

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