Saturday, 16 June 2012

Recommended music: 'Postable EP' by Oceania

Take one Russian composer, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Add another singer to the mix, brew gently, and release the result on label best known for releasing sharp dubstep. What emerges is 5 intriguing tracks, full of atmosphere, bass wobbles and crisp beats, but with an overall air of something slightly unwordly.

'Mantra' starts with a Balam Acab-type vibe before the beat steps up. It's followed by the boy-girl duet 'You Live In Me', which sounds more than a little like Portishead might if they stepped up their beat quotient. Title track 'Postable' throws a wobbly bass under a looped vocal and seems to be aiming for a James Blake feel. 'Stop' brings back boy-girl dreamy vocals on the most up-tempo track on the EP, while closer 'Forest' picks up an old school drum and bass beat and hunts at a different direction. Throughout the EP the vocals are used sparingly, leaving the right amount of space for the music to permeate your ears. Listen below.

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