Saturday, 19 November 2011

Recommended music: 'redsuperstructure' by Robert Lippok

A stunning solo album from Lippok, the front man of To Rococo Rot. The album is based on a live set he played in September 2010. He subsequently re-shaped and re-recorded the material, producing an album that is sonically challenging and at times brutal, but also atmospheric and moving. From the pounding, morse-code rhythms of 'sugarcubes' to the almost deep house-like 'nycycle' the album manages to move your head and your feet at the same time. In contrast there are shorter, more ambient pieces here as well, and the album closes with the epic 14 minute 'daylightastronomy', which mixes hisses, scratches and blips with some gentle harp.

It's a futuristic-sounding set that should appeal top lovers of all types of electronic music, and it's going straight on my 'albums of the year' pile. It's out now on Raster-Noton records.

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