Sunday, 16 October 2011

Recommended music: 'Telemetria' by Clapan

Following on from the great 'Birds Swirl' EP by Monokle comes another great release from Russia via FUSELab, and this time it's a full length album. From Denis Gorsunsky, in the guise of Clapan, the record covers quite a wide range of electronic styles, as the tracks veer from ambient to dub via electro and techno. You can feel that Denis is stretching himself to cover as wide a spectrum as he can, as much to prove to himself as to others. When not making records he teaches students the ins and outs of creating music on computers at the Spektral audio school - you can imagine that this album would be a great teaching tool if you wanted to show your students the range of music that could be created by a pc.

Influence-wise you can hear some older school electronic acts, such as The Orb on the first track 'Time Relay', or Kraftwerk in the drum track of 'The Back Of Silence'. These are thrown in the mix with newer acts such as Dominik Eulberg and Max Cooper on the likes of 'Manipulation' (one of my favourites on the album) and 'Old-Cool Support'. There are snatches of found vocals and sounds used like Gold Panda or Balam Acab would, and overall it's one of those albums that draws you in envelops you in a world of soundscapes and textures.

You can listen to extracts of the album below, and it's available to buy now from Beatport or Juno.

[PASSX005] Clapan - Telemetria // Album by FUSELab

With thanks to Yuri at FUSELab for the album.

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