Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Recommended music: 'Pacer EP' by Offshore

This is the third EP from Ewan Robertson (aka Offshore), ex Aberdonian now living in London. The EP opens with the title track 'Pacer', a deceptively simple start of booming drums and simple chords that gradually builds up layers of melody, chimes and extra percussion while still keeping the driving beat. 'Pepper' is up next, with some Major Lazer-esque rhythms - this one will definitely go down well at the Notting Hill Carnival in a few weeks time.

The middle track on the EP is the highlight. 'Pearls and Butlers' features guest vocals from Cienfuegos and has a darker feel, but is also more organic and warmer than the previous two, slower and more thoughtful. 'Mintlaw' is a brief, ticking instrumental, and is followed by closer 'East Coast Capital Connect' (possibly the first track to specifically name a transport company since The Divine Comedy's 'National Express'). The track itself is far mor eenjoyable than a ride on the said company's trains, being full of dark swathes of chords and sci-fi squelches over a throbbing bass.

'Pacer' is out now on Big Dada Records - you can listen to a sample of the EP below.

Offshore – Pacer EP (preview) by Offffshore

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