Monday, 7 August 2017

Recommended music: 'Midnight Versions' by Roosevelt

Having seen Roosevelt as a support band (I can't remember who for) I was keen to give this EP a try when I saw it. It really hits the spot, sounding like a long-lost collection of remixes from the 80s (which I'm all for). Each track is allowed to extend and get its groove on, and I particularly like all the percussion sounds which sound exactly like a lot of my favourite 80s tracks. From the starting funky bass of 'Close' (a track which reminds me of a slowed-down version of George Benson's 'Gimme The Night') through the electro-pop of 'Night Moves' and the congas and house-piano of 'Colours' and finishing with synth and guitar-led 'Wait Up', it's a glorious ride through the sunshine of the past.

You can stream the whole EP and get it on a 'pay what you want' deal below.

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