Tuesday, 20 January 2015

EP of the Day: 'Learning To Punch' (EP)' by Red Pill

Learning To Punch (EP) cover art

Mello Music Group's latest signing hits us with this 3-track EP to celebrate his multi-album deal. The EP starts with 'Smile' produced by Oddisee, which is pretty much a stone-cold guarantee of quality (or, as Red Pill puts it "If it's Oddisee on the beat then you know it's a fuckin' classic"). So Oddisee does his stuff while Red Pill does one of those 'story of my life' raps.

Next up is 'All Of Us', produced by Apollo Brown. It's a pretty solid response to the recent spate of (police-led) violence in the US, calling for unity amongst communities to wrk through the problems. Finally 'One Day', produced by Duke Westlake, is a tale of believing in yourself in the hope that one day you can break through and make it.

It's all good quality hip-hop that bodes well for his future solo career. Stream the EP & download it for free below.

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