Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Track of the Day: 'Brandished' by Wertheimer

This, my friends, is what can only be referred to as a Massive Tune (with a capital M and a capital T). Newly signed to Lex Records (home of Doom amongst others), Wertheimer have created a brooding masterpiece - 9 minutes of dark electronics and massive beats to take you through the long night. Hard-edged but not brutal, this is a tough loner of a record that you'd certainly get out of the way of, if it walked towards you down a dark alley. There's a hint of Burial for sure, and maybe a snatch of Mondkopf, but that's all to the good.

I've been unable to find out anything about the band (the name is pretty-much in-Googleable), even Lex Records, who've signed them, haven't got much on their website. The track is from a 3-track EP that will be released as a limited run of 500 on grey vinyl on 24th February - you can order a copy here.

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