Sunday, 11 December 2011

In pictures & videos: New Order live at The Troxy, London 10/12/11

An momentous occasion last night as New Order played their first gig in London for years. Yes, it did feel like something was lacking due to the absence of Peter Hook but hey, this was 3/4 of one of my favourite bands ever, so it seems churlish to complain.

As usual in The Troxy it was 1) very hot and 2) very loud, so the sound hasn't come put particularly well in the videos, but I thought I'd put them up anyway for the sake of posterity. The best song that they played last night was actually 'The Perfect Kiss', but I didn't film that as I was too busy singing along. I did film these three though, first up it's 'Regret':

then 'Krafty':

and finally a really good version of 'True Faith':

If you missed the gig last night you'll be pleased to know that Bernard's final words were "We'll be back" - although he did add  "even without Freddie Mercury" - I'm sure Hooky's never been compared to him before!

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