Monday, 20 June 2016

Glastonbury 2016 - The Ones To Watch - T-2 Days: Saint Etienne

Nestling nicely on the bill between E.L.O. and Beck (if you don't mind a sprint up to the Park stage and back), Saint Etienne will provide some blissful 90s beats for your Sunday afternoon. If you're not familiar with their particular blend of indie-pop then here are a few pointers. Let's start with what is possibly the best Neil Young cover version in history, their version of 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart', which was their first single.

I always loved the bit in 'You're In A Bad Way' where they lift the melody from 'Telstar'.

How about the Italian-house inspired 'She's On The Phone'?

Or the conga beats of the filmic 'Sylvie'?

As you can see there's plenty of great songs to choose from, so make sure you try to catch some of their set.


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